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Services by Time To Think LLC

Making an Impact

Giving a Presentation

Corporations, Businesses and Community Groups

Seize the Opportunity

In today's climate, wellness programs, diabetes prevention workshops, and nutrition education are important to just about everyone.  Promote self care, enhance overall well-being and improve your business and community.  Contact me to present enjoyable, interactive, and  educational programs designed to spark personal and professional growth.  Lifestyle, Exercise. Attitude,  and Nutrition. Brain Fit for Work and Life, Prime Time Health, The Leadership Game and 15 Laws of Growth are just a few of the Programs I can bring to your team!

Working Together

For Executives and Private Individuals

Get Ready to Take Action

Prime Time Health impacts every part of your life.  YOU are worth the investment in coaching.  A custom-designed motivation and action plan will enable you to achieve your goals.  Impact both your professional and personal experiences in a BIG way, and don't delay.  Contact me for a free consultation.  Enrich each day, increase your physical health, mental acuity, and overall effectiveness.  Step into your best life.

Touchscreen Computer

K-12 Educators and Leaders

Meaningful & Memorable

Never before have educators needed concrete strategies to combat stress in our society.  You've come to the right place!  Specializing in student and staff growth through the transformation of the learning environment,  Marianne of Time to Think, LLC, will provide professional development, coaching, and wellness programs for administrators, teachers, and support staff of private and public schools. Personal coaching is also an option.  

I bring 34 years of teaching and administrative experience to the table, and a real love of learning and all things related to schools.

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