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Harnessing personal energy and collective brain power to do good in the world.
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If you are looking for an experienced presenter to kick-start an employee or community wellness initiative, or to provide ongoing educational wellness workshops and programming, Time to Think, LLC, will customize a plan which will exceed your expectations.   

Whether you are a busy professional who is interested in health and wellness, or you are in a transition phase in your life, let's work together to formulate a plan to achieve identified goals.  Choose wellness, personal growth, and greater fulfillment.  Increase your influence exponentially.  Coaching makes a difference.  

Motivational Speaker.  "The Immeasurable Value of Public Education."  "I LEAD."  Impact the lives of the students you serve by investing in the teachers and administrators in your school.  Custom-designed professional development opportunities that focus on teamwork, leadership and building a positive culture of wellness and growth in classrooms and schools.  Impact student lives.  Ongoing coaching and interactive workshops are available for K-12 staff. 

"Harnessing personal energy and collective brainpower to do good in the world."   MarianneBartley

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